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Make sure you remember to extend the lease term. The importance of the domain name you need to understand. Uploading files using FTP software is quite easy and fun. In addition to uploading multiple files at once (including folders), when the connection is lost and the upload process stops, you can continue at any time. In addition, uploading using FTP is more reliable when it comes to uploading files in large sizes.

FTP software widely used include FileZilla and CuteFTP, we recommend using FileZilla for free and easy to use. Please read the file upload guide using FTP for details. Overall, we recommend uploading files for the website to the server using FTP software. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Registering Site to Search Engine. One of the more valuable websites is listed on popular search engines so it is easy to find and will bring in more traffic. The way to get listed on a search engine is actually quite an easy way to get your site indexed.

Things that must be met, To be included in the search engine search listings, your website must meet the following requirements: Your website must contain text elements, Search engines read non-binary files on your website. Text - the text contained therein will be stored in the search engine 's database so that it appears on searches with keywords relevant to its contents. It is not advisable to create a website in full flash because the current search engine technology can not read flash files.

Complete the header on each page; Headers consisting of title, meta description, and meta description must be filled with the content of the website. This makes it easier for search engines to store the contents of your website pages in the database. Create all pages completely, Before you start registering your website on search engines, please create the entire page completely. Do not get any deadlinks. Usually search engines are not much referenced

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